Why you should not administer your own employee engagement survey

5 Reasons why you should not administer your own employee engagement Surveys

It is perfectly normal for you to want to create and administer the employee engagement survey in your company. You have complete control over the costs, questions and analysis. Everyone knows this good feeling of having achieved something on your own, but there are just some things that you should leave to the experts. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You have more important things to do

    Regardless of whether you are a business owner or an HR manager—if you are not specifically employed to maintain employee engagement, then you should certainly not handle this yourself. Why? You have more important things to do. Furthermore, maintaining employee engagement is a full time responsibility. If you cannot do this full time, then you are better served to let the experts handle it.

  2. Your analysis and evaluation will be biased and distorted

    If you think you can ignore your opinions and bias when analyzing your employees, then you are mistaken. It will be impossible for you to maintain an objective position during the analysis; after all, you and your leadership will be criticized in the results. This process must be handled by an outside party who can objectively evaluate the results without being personally influenced by them.

  3. You are not an expert in this area

    If you are not the master of quantitative and qualitative methods and do not have any additional sociological training, then you should not be working with employee engagement surveys and analyses. Obtaining this knowledge requires an entire university level program and sufficient practice in the creation of successful surveys. You will not obtain these skills through consultants or even YouTube videos.

  4. Your employees will not trust you

    The worst part about this scenario is that your employees will not trust you. If the survey is not contracted out to a third party, then your employees can never be sure if you are really keeping the survey anonymous or if you have other ways of accessing personal data. This inevitably leads to undeniably distorted answers from your employees and you will, therefore, never discover the true situation within your company.

  5. Your report will be missing the most important problems

    You will most certainly concentrate on clear and glaring problems, overlooking the indirect problems found in the qualitative answers and you likely will not be able to recognize them. But it is often exactly these problems and their solutions that are the key to success. Yes, solving the obvious problems is also an important step, but basic problems often lie so deep that they are only indirectly communicated by your employees. The ability to recognize these is an art form and requires a professional analysis.

Every business owner wants to save money where he/she can, but none of them want to lose money either. This especially has to be considered when it comes to employee engagement surveys and whether or not you should administer these yourself. Yes, it’s free for you to throw a few questions together and pass out the surveys to your employees, but for the reasons listed above and for countless more, this just does not work and you will only be chasing your own tail. At the end of the day, the lack of success and wasted time will be more expensive than just using an affordable service. For the sake of your business and your employees, just leave employee engagement to the professionals.

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.