Modern Consulting Employee Engagement Service Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Our employee engagement surveys lead your company down the road to success. The questions have been carefully selected and formulated to analyze and understand your employees as well as possible. Not only are quantitative questions posed—that is, questions with multiple choice answers—but also qualitative questions that are more open. As a supplement to quantitative responses, qualitative responses provide us with a more personal look inside the thoughts of your employees. This allows everyone the opportunity to more accurately present and clarify issues.

Of course, all answers are completely anonymous and handled with this implied trust. Neither you nor we know which survey responses come from which employee. This is a major focus of our employee engagement surveys. We exclusively offer this service online in order to prevent any personal contact. Face-to-face conversations are often perceived as intimidating, which causes many employees to hide their actual opinions. Online, they can express all of their concerns with the highest level of anonymity and do not need to fear that their honest answers will be punished in any way. The honest responses that we collect from our survey represent the core of our analysis.

The administration and dispersement of the employee engagement surveys to your employees can either be done by you, once we have sent you the relevant link, or by us. With the first option, you can forward the link to your employees e.g. per email with the request that they fill out the survey relatively soon and honestly. With the second option, you can send us your employee email addresses (we will not store these) and then we can send an email to all of your employees with the survey link. We will also provide a brief explanation about the survey so that your employees know exactly what the survey is about and how the process works. The benefit here is to inform your employees about the importance of their participation.

Following this step, we take over the rest of the work. The anonymous responses will be automatically sent to us by our survey software so that we can do the professional analysis. The time frame your employees have to answer the survey is up to you, depending upon how quickly you require the results. The software also prevents duplicate answers with the help of IP recognition and limited questions. This then prevents any possibility of falsifying results.

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.