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Employee Retention

How to retain your Employees

Are your employees leaving your company, being recruited by other businesses, resigning or looking elsewhere for a new job? Does your company have a poor employee retention and fluctuation rate? There is a reason for this type of a situation. Employees never leave their current position without a valid reason. The most common reason is that the employees are unsatisfied.

Even if you think your employees seem happy, your fluctuation rate can reveal something completely different. You can only retain your employees by achieving employee satisfaction. If your employees are generally happy and notice that you are continuously attending to their satisfaction, then you will achieve high employee retention rates and low fluctuation rates.

How to take care of your employees with little Effort

There are many small gestures that you, as the employer, can do every day to show your employees they are important. These small gestures contribute greatly to employee satisfaction:

  • Say, “Thank you.” It doesn’t hurt. You won’t lose your authority. These small words have a heavy impact. Give it a try, even upon completion of smaller tasks.
  • Say, “Hello” and “Goodbye.” Greet your employees and wish them farewell. Anything else is simply perceived as you ignoring your employees.
  • Be careful with your tone. You might be having a bad day, but please do not take it out on your employees. In doing so, you spread your bad mood and create a negatively charged work atmosphere. Your customers will not thank you for this.
  • Smile. Smiling is contagious, spreads good mood and generates a positive work atmosphere. No more grim faces, please just smile!
  • Listen. Try not to dominate the conversation with your employees. Listen and ask questions. An employee is sure to have a great idea which you can implement together.

These are only a few of countless measures you can take to achieve employee satisfaction.

How to achieve long-term employee satisfaction and Retention

Only through continuous surveying and observation can you achieve employee satisfaction and long-term employee retention. You can make this happen by using an employee engagement survey.

Employee engagement surveys show you what your employees think about you and your company, how they feel, which changes they would like to see and much more. You have a few options for doing so: You can create your own employee engagement survey, analyze it and make changes according to the results. Alternatively, you can hire a company to do this for you. Unfortunately with the second option, it is often the case that a consultant will either focus on quantitative questions regarding employee satisfaction or even conduct face-to-face interviews with your employees. However, neither method truly achieves an objective analysis and the results are most likely inaccurate. The problems here usually lie in pre-constructed answers in the survey or the lack of anonymity during the interviews.

Therefore, we specialize in a new method which is completely anonymous yet still gives your employees the chance to freely express themselves.

Our Service

Our service consists of an employee engagement survey that guarantees anonymity and presents quantitative as well as qualitative questions. This means that your employees have the opportunity to formulate their own responses instead of choosing a pre-generated answer. This is how we collect your employees’ actual opinions for our subsequent sociological analysis. Aside from the unique method that our service employs, we take over every step of the process up until implementation. This means that you do not have to handle anything. Other consulting firms will send you tables and diagrams of the survey responses which you need to first analyze yourself. We understand that you do not have time for this which is why we take over this step for you. We analyze the results to formulate a clear and simply clarified end results report that summarizes all relevant results and recommends individual methods for dealing with every issue. You can then implement these methods and strategies.

In addition to the above mentioned gestures, this is how you can make impactful changes appropriate to the present problems. The employee engagement survey itself will already give your employees a feeling of appreciation, as they will know that their satisfaction is important to you.

The ultimate path to employee Retention

Employee satisfaction is the key to employee retention. By continuously working toward improving your employee satisfaction (for example, through employee engagement surveys), you can be certain that the fluctuation rate in your company will consistently sink. In addition to employee retention, employee satisfaction also has other important effects: customer satisfaction and increased profits.

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.