Why employees are more important than customers

Why employees are more important than Customers

How could employees be more important than customers?

Ultimately, customers are those who pay money, while employees are those who cost money. However, if employees do not create good relationships with customers, then the customers can be lost quicker than you can bat an eye. Good offers and a good business idea are not everything. The employees are everything. They are the ones who ultimately write the company’s future. Following, are a few noteworthy points to take into consideration.

5 reasons why employees are more important than customers

  1. We all like to complain, especially when things are not going well at work. Employees commonly tell other people what the situation at work is like: orally, through text, online, etc. If they are unhappy with their job, then an unbelievable amount of negative information about the company is spread. Negative oral propaganda and poor marketing
  2. Each employee comes either directly or indirectly in contact with the customer. Unhappy employees will not put in any effort to put the customer first because they themselves do not feel they are respectfully nor justifiably treated. This results in angry customers who feel misunderstood and will not be seeking out this service a second time.
  3. On the other hand, when an employee is happy and accomplishes his work with engagement because he feels good and enjoys his tasks, then this employee also treats the customer with kindness and respect.
  4. If no value is placed on well-functioning communication between the employer and the employees, then this results in customers receiving misinformation, becoming confused and, finally, terminating their relationship with the company. Clear communication within the company, on the other hand, leads to security and trust.
  5. Consider this: how often have you thought to yourself, “I am never ordering from them again.” Or: “I will never go shopping there again.” Why? Most often, it is because you were poorly treated by the employees. This is a cycle. If the employer treats the employees well, the employees treat the customers well. Finally, the customer, depending on the situation, gives something back to the company with his purchase. The employer is happy when the customer makes a purchase and this supports the positive cycle. A non-sale makes the employer unhappy and the vicious cycle continues. The beginning of a positive company culture can be achieved through the employer, alone.

You decide whether you work in an unhappy or happy work environment

Because of these and many other reasons, employees should always be the focal point of a company. They are ultimately the ones who decide the fate of the company. A poor image and unhappy customers will not lead a company to long-term success. Only the employees can change and improve these factors. The satisfaction of and investment in employees not only leads to a more positive work atmosphere or reduction in fluctuation costs, but it also leads to the retention and acquisition of customers.

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.