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Our service as your company’s concept for Success

In this blog post, we explain to you once more how exactly our service works and what it offers you and your company.

First of all, it is important for you to send us a request so that we know you are interested in our offer. After accepting our non-binding offer, we will send you a binding invoice and outline of the included services. This is where our work begins. We create a survey that is absolutely anonymous and covers all potential problem areas within your company. This will then be forwarded to your employees either by us or by you, whichever you prefer, and the survey can be filled out within a time frame of your choosing. The survey can be filled out at work or at home. Where it is filled out is up to you or each of your employees.

Once the allotted deadline has been reached, two weeks for example, all of the answers that your employees provided will be anonymously submitted to us. From there, we can create statistics and evaluate and analyze them, alongside the submitted text material, in a professional sociological manner. We will then compose the end results of the analysis in a short end report that particularly focuses on the points where improvements should be made, among other things. Of course, you will also receive suggestions for improvement from us that you can simply implement. This often refers to the small things that are simple, yet effective to change.

The purpose of this method regards the following, in particular: absolute anonymity from all sides. Many employees are apprehensive to share their true opinions during a personal conversation because, as is implied with a personal conversation, the person’s identity is exposed and he/she feels observed and under pressure. With an anonymous online survey, this effect ist counteracted. We want real, honest answers and opinions from your employees. Only with authentic answers is it possible for us to identify the weak points in communication and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it is important for us to not only evaluate statistics and numbers. Of course, these do give us a rather good overview of the situation, but only through the analysis of words (that is, qualitative work) can we truly discover what your employees think and want. This is where our expert knowledge comes in, as business consultants never studied how to analyze on a human level and certainly not on a textual level. This is what sociology does. It is known for analyzing and understanding people and this is exactly the type of analysis that we offer.

The overall goal is to stimulate your company. Profits increase when you invest in your employees. An investment in your employees is one of the most important investments you will ever make. You will incur vast expenses without this investment. Think only of the training of a new employee because one of your past employees quit as a result of dissatisfaction with the position. This not only causes you immense time consumption, but also an inevitable loss of profit since this new employee will most likely need months until he/she is at the same level of output of your previous employee. Over this period of time, you will lose more than if you had only taken a brief moment to invest in your previous employee.

It has already been proven that satisfied employees are more productive employees who not only increase your profits, but who also create a pleasant working environment. Start your more profitable future by requesting your free, non-binding offer now!

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.