Modern Consulting Service Analysis

Survey Analysis

The analysis software that we use automatically transmits your employees’ anonymous answers to us. Once the time frame for participation has passed, we handle the careful analysis of the responses. As our survey poses quantitative and qualitative questions, a sociological analysis of the statements and data is required. Therefore, we not only analyze on a numbers basis but also on a content basis, which must be regarded with the highest level of sociological expertise. This sets our service apart from other consulting firms.

It is important to not exclusively work with a mathematical approact to such analyses, but rather to place a particular focus on understanding the human aspect behind the responses. This is how we can deduce the real, not superficial, opinions of your employees. Because of the high anonymity of the survey, our analysis can be done completely objectively and, therefore, there will be no subjective influences. The results will remain real and useful. This is the duty of a sociologist, as he knows how and where to classify social relationships and structures. He recognizes patterns within social phenomena and knows how to analyze and draw conclusions from them. Sociology is famous for “opening eyes”, as it is the science of society and can fundamentally clarify it.

This style of analysis, when applied to employee engagement surveys, leads to conclusive-rich results that will push your company in the right direction and will ultimately be the key to success. The analysis will “open your eyes” so that you can understand your employees and work to increase productivity in a targeted manner.

We make it possible for you to be successful in this area. You do not need to do anything for the analysis, as we handle this without exception. For you, that means the beginning of a successful and sustainable company culture.

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About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.