Why we help your Company

Why we want to help your Company

“I would love to just quit—my company is a disaster!” You have probably heard phrases like this quite often in your general surroundings and just like you, we have also been confronted with such conversations, countless times. Despite their dissatisfaction, none of these unhappy people appear to be actively doing anything to combat the current negative situation in the workplace. But why? Well, would you voluntarily go to your employer and tell him to his face what he is doing wrong? Probably not. Even in team projects with other colleages, there is usually a “leader” who ultimately has to carry all of the responsibility. The risks of a firing or a possible worsening of the situation resulting from a personal confrontation are simply too high for the individual person. Honestly, which family man or single mother can afford to be let go? Almost none of them.

After hearing countless complaints from family members, friends or acquaintances about their jobs and management, we decided that we would like to help these people and the companies for which they work, since their quality of life is constantly being affected by their dissatisfaction. We were especially looking for a solution that would prevent the above mentioned personal risks from even being a factor. It quickly became clear to us that this can only be achieved through absolute anonymity.

Many consultants that work in the field of employee satisfaction lead personal conversations with the employees or actively visit the companies. But would you really entrust such a consultant with your honest opinions about the company? Through personal contact with the consultant, absolute anonymity cannot be guaranteed; therefore, many employees have a difficult time honestly expressing their opinions. This is a normal side effect of such interviews. However, this can be avoided. In order to guarantee the employees absolute anonymity, personal contact must be eliminated.

This is where our solution comes in. In which type of communication does one remain the most anonymous? Communication over the internet. Countless studies have already proven that it is much easier for people to reveal their true opinions online. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that completely anonymous online surveys will bring about the most honest opinions. The consultant has no contact with the employees and vice versa. In this way, a company’s employees can openly speak about their problems, especially when presented with open, qualitative questions. As a result, opinions can be simply written down without providing any indications as to which person said what.

We believe it is very important to give the employees this option, especially as a way to improve the overall work atmosphere within the company. Working on problems, listening and handling them based on the results of such a survey makes the employees more engaged and happier. When all employees finally have the opportunity to express all of their worries and see a serious attempt to solve these issues, then it is not only an individual employee’s quality of life that increases; in fact, the quality of life of all people near such an employee, as well as that of the management, positively improves.

The outdated and conservative business model in which management must dominate the employees, determines who has say and offers no flexibility is completely obsolete, as this type of behavior makes nobody happy and is extremely unprofitable for a company. Many young, modern companies are already showing that a transparent, happy and flexible work environment is the path to success.

We would like to help lead companies down the right path and encourage them to invest in their employees, as this investment results in a multitude of positive consequences, such as a friendly work atmosphere, sinking employee fluctuation rates, motivated employees and increasing sales from which everyone can profit. Should you be interested in our service, have a look at the information on our homepage or send us a free, non-binding offer request from the right side of this page.

About the author: Denise Braun, M.A.